Tuesday, December 21

I couldn't help myself....

Hat (H&M $14), Sweater (Kohl's $8), Tank (Walmart $3), White Jeans (Delia's $35), Boots (Kohl's $40)
Despite my best efforts, it found me.
It snuck up on me.
As I unsuspectingly searched for the best holiday gifts, it hid in my favorite stores, and waited.
I was completely helpless.
The SALES found me! And I couldn't help but surrender!

I know, I know, I know. Tis the season to shop for everybody except for yourself. But when H&M is having a 50% off of outerwear special, can you really blame me for thinking ahead?? I know. I fail. And I'm sorry. :( But, hey, I got a really cute coat out of the deal!

H&M, $79.99 $39.99

Actually, I got a really cute coat, and a really cute bracelet.

H&M, $5.99

Okay, so I got a really cute coat, a really cute bracelet, and some adorable boots.

Aeropostale, $60.00, $18

But they were ALL on sale...!!
Don't judge me!!

PS: I *might* have splurged on the hat I was wearing too..but I thought it was so cute! And it seems to be the "in" thing right now.

Tuesday, December 14

When taking an innocent trip to Kohl's last week, to pay off that tricky charge card, I came across the cutest top, that I hadn't seen in any other Kohl's store, as of yet (I am what you might call a Kohl's connoisseur...but this is besides the point). Despite my Shopping Buddy's attempts to talk me out of the spontaneous purchase, I just HAD to have it, so I splurged!
The lace around the middle continued around the shirt, so it is visible from the back as well as the front. My favorite part of the new deal? Off-the-shoulder! Most of the pieces hanging in my closet are slightly more conventional and are undoubtedly two-sleeved. Once I got home to try on my new find, I realized that there probably was more than one reason for my conventionality's.
The problem is, I have no place to where the one-armed wonder. At work, I have to look "professional", so both sleeves are required. At school, I must also look (you got it!) professional... When would I wear this completely impractical shirt?! Nowhere.
With this realization, I had to choice but to return my new baby back to the department store.
Later that evening, I was surfing some online stores, and I stopped when I saw the most ironic (and cutest!) thing ever: the same exact shirt being sold at Tilly's, for one dollar less, and (here's the kicker) it had TWO sleeves!!! Now, I'm not a fan of ordering much online, so I rushed over to the nearest Tilly's outlet the next day in search of the top. And guess what??
I found it!!!
Well, actually, my Shopping Buddy did. But I was so excited I looked over to see  her smiling and waving the shirt high above hear head (we do our own kind of victory dance!).

The whole outfit was under $60!
Top (Tilly's, $14), Jeans (Deila's brand, from Goodwill, $5) Boots (Kohl's, $40)

Where have YOU shopped lately?
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