Monday, March 14

I once saw a doggie in the window...and a pair of shoes...

It's harder than it looks, folks.
Walking away from the strategically colorful and beautifully lit displays of fashionable flats and stylin' stilettos was harder than I ever thought it would be!! I've been trying so so hard not to shop lately, in efforts to save for what Uncle Sam refuses to help me out with (ahem. an education). Hence the lack of Canny Chic posts, lately (which I am undoubtedly sorry for!!). But what made today even more difficult (even more difficult than a regularly difficult day) was the 25%+15% discount coupon screaming at me from inside of my wallet.
But I did it, guys.
I walked away without spending a penny on those cute little silver pumps.
But I have a confession...I didn't leave without spending any of my pennies. I spent a lot of pennies, actually. But it was well justified!
Let me EXPLAIN!!!

You might remember reading about my cute Italian boy, over at Pink Lemonade. Well, this little blogger got invited to prom! By who else, other than the cute Italian boy?! It wasn't too long ago that I was planning out my own fabulous Senior prom night. I was so super excited that I couldn't help but look at all the pretty, sparkly dresses.

I tried so many dresses on, but once I picked up this one. I got that undeniable wowza feeling! This. Was. It.

Of course, being the bargain shopper that I brag about being, I left the store empty handed to search for a better buy (spending 200ish dollars on a dress I'll only wear once was not exactly my idea of a savvy spend!).

Going back to the mall yesterday, I decided to stop by the store and just check to see if "my" dress was still there.
And sure enough it was.
And it was in my size.
Hallelujah! They were having a sale.

And, turns out, by opening a store card that day, I would get 25% off of my purchase, upon approval, and an additional 15% off whatever I charged, that day.
$200 dress (minus) $50 dollar deduction for opening up the card (minus) an extra 22ish dollars for using the card = about 120 for the dress.
That's an 80 dollar savings, here, ladies.
So I caved.
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