Thursday, September 30

And the winners are...

After much deliberation, the winners are finally in! I am proud to bring you a snapshot of the best fifteen blogs of the moment:

1. CarlyCristman
2. Cathy Kennedy's Blog
3. Diary of a Young Designer
4. Fuchsia Girl
5. Get your feast on!
6. Gigi's Gone Shopping
7. Health and Beauty
8. ice creamy world
9. Life of a Shopaholic
10. Mallie Girl Photography - Family Photographer in Southern Mississippi
11. Welcome to Fashion Court...The Verdict Is In.
12. Little Miss Dress Up
13. So Chic Bizarre
14. Diary of a Third World Fashion Designer
15. Lace and Leather

As winners, it is now your responisbility to share the love!
- Be sure to thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
- Share with your followers seven things about yourself.
- Choose fifteen other worthy bloggers to recieve the Versatile Blogger Award.
And finally,
- Let the winners know they've won!

Have a fashionable day!

Tuesday, September 28

Seven Things..

my first award :)
Originally uploaded by Canny Chic
I'm so excited! Andrea Marie V, of the Go Feast Yourself Blog, has just awarded Canny Chic the Versatile Blogger award! I'm so excited!! :)
As part of this award, I'm to list 7 things about myself, and choose 15 new winners of the Versatile Blogger award!
So here it goes...Step#1 - Seven Things..
1. I have been frugally shopping for nineteen years :)
2. My baby is a shih tzu named Pepper. Even she dresses to impress - I recently purchased her a bright purple sweater for the cooler weather!
3. I love taking pictures. There's just something exciting and nostalgic about being able to freeze a moment in time in a single snapshot.
4. I absolutely LOVE fall-time, and not just for the great deals! Some of my favorite pictures are of falling leaves. :)
5. I can't cook my way out of a brown paper bag. When you're looking at El Menu de Alynne, the Chef's Special is cereal.
6. I text as much as I breathe. But NOT while I drive, of course; that's when I hold my breath. ;)
7. Love the Broncos. Go Tim Tebow!! <3

Now to tackle Step #2...

Friday, September 24

PS - Look for Even LESS!

After a few days of being confined to my bedroom and limited to cyber-shopping (which I will admit I was previously too prejudiced to do), I am finally flu-free! :) To celebrate wellness and all things healthy, I took a trip to Wal*Mart, where I couldn't believe my eyes. There, hanging on the neat plastic hanger, only slightly above my reach was the very same vest I had spent $75.00 on, only days ago. Except, this variation cost less-much less, at a comparable $14.00. Sure, I may rest in the comfort of knowing that the quality of my purchase was most likely slightly above par in comparison to my new find (by Miley&Max), but regardless, I'm still kicking myself. I suppose that it serves me right, for my impatience. But you be the judge: Is your hard earned dough worth the sacrifice for quality splurges? Or is the look you achieve on a bargain well worth the penny saved?

Monday, September 20

The Look for Less

After an incredible amount of clicking, vetoing, and coupon code typing, the results are in! While the original inspiration, found in Coldwater Creek's latest catalog, was more on the classy side of chic, I decided to opt for a more modern alternative  for today's Look for Less. The vest I found was from JCPennys.Com. Mind you, it was a bit of a $plurge for my part-time piggy bank, but it's so incredibly cute, I couldn't pass it up! The faux leather vest (which is uber 'green', I might add) by Liz Claiborn is available through JC Penny's new fall collection. It comes in Dark Brown, and is available in ranging sizes, including Misses, Women's, and Petites. Again said, it was a splurge, costing me about $72.00 (with free shipping, because I'm spending over $49). Let's just say that I plan on wearing this baby around the clock!!

I was a little more relieved when I logged onto Alloy.Com to search for a cute striped top to wear under the vest. In the clearance section, I found an adorable Mod "paint streaked" top, priced at $9.99. Since I was still in the green, at this point, I decided that the only thing that could top off such a cute combo would be shoes to match! And *surprise!*, Alloy had adorable black suede boots on sale. Some colors were selling for $14 - but, of course, the ones that will match my Look were ringing up $34.00. But, they were still a deal, considering the many times I will end up wearing them this season, and the seasons to come. To make the deal even better, I used a 15% off coupon I thieved from my mama's Entertainment Book, and was entitled to free shipping! Lucky me!!
The only piece I did not purchase today was a pair of dark wash denim. The reason behind my omission is the 30+ pair of jeans I already own, courtesy of the Goodwill's wonderful $5- Denim sale, and the fact that I haven't grown very much over the past 9 years (it's a blessing and a curse...). But after all, dressing fabulously isn't always just about shopping and new finds - it's about working with what you already own to enhance your own style!
After tallying up today's expenditures, which were $115.00, I realized I had saved about $45 just by shopping sale items, not to mention the $244.85 we avoided spending by shopping around, and finding our Look for Less!!

Savvy Sick Days

It is officially "that-time-of-year" again! You got it: Hoodies, Scarves, Boots, Bonfires, and...the Flu :( Unfortunately, the famous flu is in season, and it has reduced me to merely cyber-shopping, this weekend. But, despite contrary belief, even sick days can be savvy. Don't believe me? The proof is in your pocketbook!
While it's so tempting to gravitate to the sweatpants and tee-shirts that embody my sick-day lifestyle of the weekend, my goal is to shop smart for fall. Yesterday, my mom received a Coldwater Creek catalog in the mail. Being the blob of goo that I am today, I peeked inside in hopes to cure my flu-found boredom. To my surprise, I found that I have purchased so many similar pieces, for a fraction of the cost! Needless to say, I'm definitely adding this store my list of inspirations!
One outfit in particular caught my eye, during my page flipping. It was a sleek leather vest, worn over a striped cardigan, paired with a dark-wash denim. I was in love! After all, what better way to say Fall, than vests and sweaters? But at a stunning $359.85 for all three pieces, there is really only one solution, to look this fab for fall. Fashionistas, it's a Look for Less Challenge!

Sunday, September 12

The Third Stage

The three dollar challenge of the week is getting deep - but so are the savings! I made a stop at my local Kohl's to hit the clearance in an attempt to find more three dollar deals. Now, I don't want to come across as biased,  but when it comes to clearance racks, nothing quite compares to Kohl's. This is not to say that I don't appreciate other stores' attempts to draw me into their traps, but Kohl's just does it so tactfully.
As soon as I entered their sliding glass doors, racks and racks of 80% off called out my name! Unfortunately, I did run into a few problems during my excursion. Ironically, however, none of them related to the three dollar dilemma. Actually, I found plenty of three dollar finds! The first problem was finding them in my size. The second, narrowing down my options. I did end up finding two very cute striped tunics, with a rope tie belt for under the budget. Both were so cute, and definitely fit the nautical theme that was "in" earlier in the season, but to my disappointment, none of them were my size. So, undefeated, I moved to the next department: Jewelery, where I  stumbled on the cutest chain-style necklace for only three dollars and change. The best part of the deal? It was 90% off! :) Which means I saved about $27! Pictures are available on the mini-haul photo album on facebook!
What's the most you have saved on an item, recently?

Saturday, September 11

Three is a Charm

For this evening's savings adventure, I didn't have to wander very far from home. With only a few clicks of the mouse, and a minimal amount of loading time, I was able to navigate away from my 'home' page, and straight to without leaving the comfort my jamies. :)
This week, I've had my eyes peeled and my wallet ready for all the three dollar deals I can find. I've had to be strict, by turning away from trendy tops and sexy skinnies, but as a result, I'm finding plenty of great additions to my closet (and yours!) and saving my poor piggy bank from a meltdown.
Tonight I found the cutest pair of black-bow hair clips, originally priced at-you guessed it-$3.00!! But to make this deal even sweeter, I found them on clearance. Today they're selling for only $1.99! These classy bows added to the handy bobby pins can be just what us busy girls need to make for a great hair day in practically no time.
Right under the accessories section on the sidebar was a link to the tops on clearance. This was the hardest part of my browsing; It was so hard to say 'no' to the deals that didn't fall in budget! But through a bit of self-discipline and tough love, I made it, and am able to bring you the three dollar ribbed tee as a stronger and more savvy shopper. The shirt comes in three shades (grey, navy, and white) and only costs three dollars and change. They're great to sport under v-necks, or layered for a stand-alone look.
Maybe later this week I'll be able to find some great accessories to go with them. Only time will tell! ;)

Friday, September 10

The Magic Number Three!

For a fashionista on a budget, a little magic goes a long way. This week, our magic number is three. Three dollars that is! ;) On a recent grocery shop to Wal*Mart (I feel like I live there), I was scanning the racks of summer clearance and I found a super cute black ballerina style dress by Miley&Max for only three dollars! The excitement grew into curiosity as I wondered exactly how far three dollars could go. So, throughout the week, I will be trekking far and wide to discover for you all of the three dollar bargains, I can. :) Wish me luck!!
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