Wednesday, December 21

SHE'S ALIIIIIIIVE!!! (and shopping!!)

So, I know that I haven't been the most active blogger around here on Canny Chic these days. But, I promise I have a good excuse. You see, I've really tried this whole not shopping thing, lately. And it's been working...okay..not really. But there has been an effort! 

In fact, I broke down and did some shopping today! You can see what I bought in the video above =)

My best advice for fellow shoppers is to go armed with your coupons! 
And the best way to receive them? Store Email Lists!
This season, when a cashier asks "Can we have your email?" Don't hesitate to hand it over. Providing your email allows you to receive coupons (as well as sale alerts) that you can use on online as well as in-store purchases. Even if a store already has your email address, sometimes providing the information again refreshes your email in their server and allows them to send you new, and sometimes more frequent, coupons!

What have you purchased lately??
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