Tuesday, November 23

If I Was Going To Shop...

With a Black Friday countdown under way (only 3 more days!) I've been trying so hard to restrain myself from shopping. It's been difficult - but so far, I haven't done any major spending damage. As an outlet for my shopping desire, I decided to make a list some of the things I would buy this week, if I were shopping, and display them in this sunny collage for all of you. :)
I absolutely love long necklaces. The one pictured above is sold at Forever XXI and costs under five dollars - definitely a steal. It can spruce up so many outfits; i think the bow adds just the right amount of vintage charm.
A few weeks ago, I did splurge on a grey boyfriend sweater, similar to the one pictured above from American Eagle Outfitters. This one costs $29.95, which isn't a horrible price when you consider it's versatility.
Everyone needs a cute pair of go-to jeans, regardless of the season. I prefer skinny jeans, because they give a dressy look when paired with flats, yet they can be easily tucked into boots. Target is offering a great sale on Mossimo brand jeans, with a wide selection selling at only $10 each! If I were shopping this week, I would definitely spring on this sale. As a bonus, if you spend over $50 (that's five pairs of jeans) you get free shipping. Click here to see a list of all the jeans on the ten dollar sale.
For some reason, I wasn't able to add in the picture of this fabulous scarf to the collage, but I love the selection of scarves that Target sells - they're all so affordable, as well.

What goes with almost every outfit this season? A great pair of black boots. The best boots to buy are ones that come slightly below the knee and those that have minimal designs on them - this way, you can blend them with almost any outfit. The killer boots in the collage are from Forever XXI, and are selling for $23.

If you were shopping this week, what would you buy?

Sunday, November 21

Lush Product Review

You might remember a few weeks ago, when my Shopping Buddy and I hit a shopping happy hour at our local mall and picked up lots of free goodies.  Some of these goodies being sample sized products from Lush Handmade Cosmetics. I've read about Lush products before in other bloggers' posts, but I hadn't tried any of them yet-until now! The samples came in the cutest containers, which I am definitely saving - even though I've used up all of their contents.

For the past few days I've been using their Daddy-O Shampoo. I liked the way it made my hair feel clean and soft. It smells slightly soapy, though (which I can't decide if I enjoy or not). Overall, I really liked it though. So I decided to go to the store and price a bottle. The representative informed me it was made for blondes (which might explain why it made my hair so shiny, this week!). For a 17 oz bottle, expect to pay around $28.00.

I was also given some Flying Fox Body Wash. Personally, I didn't like it. Maybe I got a bad batch, but it smelled more like Grandma than anything "foxy". The scent sticks all day though...so if you like it, you'll be glad to know that a body mist is not necessary, the days you use it. Colorful nose plugs to match your friends' outfits, however, may be. It's about $27.00 for 17oz.

I've also been using the Rub Rub Rub body scrub, this week. I absolutely love the way it smells: clean and soft. This would be a great gift idea to any Beauty-Buff on your holiday shopping list. A 12 oz bottle costs about $18.00.

When I went to the Lush store to explore, I found a bunch of products that might be worth a try. Here's my top 5 list of items to check out:

1. Dr. Peppermint Solid Shampoo

Happy Experimenting!

Friday, November 19

Pac Sun Haul

What can you get a name brand store for under $20? Usually, not a lot. But with holiday shoppers scrambling around, store prices are falling down! :) A few days ago, my Shopping Buddy and I decided to hit the mall for a little pre-season window shopping; we weren't expecting to see such fabulous deals! Along with many other stores, Pac Sun had a clearance sale on their clearance. I didn't even know this was possible! So, we decided it would be an excellent opportunity to have an under $20 shopping spree. And by spending only $17.00, I think we were successful.

These graphic tee's were originally $19.99, and on clearance for $9.99.
Lucky me, only shelled out five bucks for each! ;)

I often don't wear these kind of shirts by themselves; they tend to look cuter layered or under a button down plaid. I'll have to make a mental note though, just in case I decide to wear them front and center: A cami is a must!

I also purchased this baby doll top. It was on clearance for $14.00, so I only paid $7! I love the lace on the neckline.

With the holidays approaching fast, now is the time to score big on the items on your shopping list. Many stores, like Pac Sun, are offering extra incentives for shoppers to stop by on the much anticipated BLACK FRIDAY.

Pac Sun advertised their incentives on their facebook page.
Will you be one of the lucky 50?

Thursday, November 11

MakeUp Review!

Everyone loves a splurge here and there, but make up is something I can hardly justify spending a lot of my hard earned moolah on. I would just rather spend my money on bigger-ticket items (like new shoes, per say) that I know will last eons in my wardrobe, than makeup, which I will inevitably have to refresh in a few weeks time. Besides, I think that with the right tools and products, even costly makeup applications can be mimicked with Cover girl. :)
A few days ago, I took a trip to Walgreen's to see just how far my dollar would stretch to refresh my makeup supply for the season. I ended up spending about $20, and was able to score a variety of eyeliner and a couple of new eye shadow colors.

A. Wet n' Wild Mega Liner - This liquid liner was, overall, worth the purchase, but isn't great to use if you're in a hurry. It goes on smoothly, but the brush it comes with makes it difficult to be precise.

B. Mega Eyes Defining Marker - I absolutely love this marker. It applies with the look of a liquid liner but with extra precision. It's so easy to control every stroke, and unlike a liquid its super easy to remove if you do make a flub. I would definitely add this to my "must have" list.

C. Cover girl Drama Eyes Eye shadow - I have such fair skin, so when picking out eye shadow colors I opt for those on the more neutral side. I love the white, here, that offers a slight shimmer-definitely not overpowering. I'm finding myself using the black more and more, as well! I read once that applying a streak of eye shadow in the same color as your liner will help the style last longer. I decided to give this a try and so far, so good! This shadow is a keeper.

D. Wet n' Wild Mega Eyes Cream - This eye cream usually costs around $5 or so, but after trying it out on multiple occasions, I decided that regardless of the price tag, I wouldn't purchase it again. It was hard to apply, and it was constantly smudging. The only list I'm putting this baby on is the "chuck" list.

E. Wet n' Wild Eyeliner Pencils - This eyeliner, by far, gives you the best bang for your buck. However, I'm not sure exactly how accurate this statement is, considering each pencil cost less than a dollar.. :) I go through these liners like it's my job. I love all the colors they come in too. My favorites include their navy and grey colors.

F. Wet n' Wild Brulee Shadow - This shadow is definitely my favorite. Being so fair-skinned, I think this is just enough to give a finished look without being too bold or distracting.

Monday, November 1

First Ever Blog Hop!

I've never participated in a blog hop, before. But, to celebrate the first of the month, Ang Hoo from Your Fashion Indulgence has invited CannyChic to participate! Ang Hoo was kind enough to feature Canny Chic's post, The Three C's, here, last week. Below, you should find the list of other participants of today's Blog Hop. Feel free to add your blog, to the list, and Happy Hopping! :)

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