My name is Alynne Leigh, and I am a 19 year old college student, with a passion for fashion, and a limited wallet. Nothing is more exciting to me than finding a thrifty piece that I can work into my wardrobe. Bargain hunting is my passion and my addiction. As of right now, I'm saving my paychecks (that seem to come far and few in between...I think my credit cards are eating them) to put towoards a shiny new set of wheels. It's taking longer than anticipated, though, thanks to all those great back-to-school deals, out there.
   I would consider my style adjectives classic, casual, and chic. I love dressing up. Most of what I own is on the dressy side. I tend to purchase things that I could wear to work (it's such an easy way to justify the spending!). My favorite accessories are my pearls. I also love scrapbooking, my ipod, taking pictures, writing, and, of course, shopping!! :)
  Outside of the dressing room, and when I'm not in class, I love to curl up with a good book or watch one of my favorite movies. They, among other 'chick flicks', include "The Notebook", "Catch and Release", "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Pride & Prejudice" (the BBC version; not the newer one), and, especially, "The Jane Austen Book Club".
  While Canny Chic began as an idea for a personal blog, to avoid outfit repeating, ideas developed and reality set in, which led me to wonder, why limit Canny to only daily outfits? Canny Chic soon developed into my fashion-go-to, for bargains, fabulous finds and how to get "the look" while spending MUCH less! I am a firm believer that when you look your best, you feel confident and are able to put your best foot forward into the world, and represent your best self. Through Canny, I hope to inspire people everywhere to shop thrifty and dress fabulously. So go ahead: Show the world your best self! Be comfy. Be stunning. Be Canny Chic! :)
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