Friday, January 28

Kick off this weekend right!!!

Many of you know that I am currently battling my shopping addiction. Now, I in no way, shape, or dress-form claim success, because it is definitely a work in progress. But lately, I've been doing alright by paying down the credits and staying away from the mall.
But, even though I'm sticking to shallows, there isn't any reason that you guys can't go out with a splash! Right now is a fantastic time to scarf up scarves and save on sweaters! Stores, right now, are hastily slashing prices on winter garb, to make room for the bathing suits. (Am I the only one who finds this weird? I mean, it's not even February yet, people!!) But anyways, on top of the already reduced prices, lots of stores are issuing a little something extra as incentive to spend some post-holiday dough.
So I thought, hey! why not put together a little shopping list for you guys? Not necessarily of items to buy, but more like coupons and discount codes to make shopping just a little bit sweeter (if that's even possible!).


Online shoppers at American Eagle can score discounts by checking out before February 1.

Since you're online shopping, why not stop by Victoria's Secert to score some sweet savings?

You can score 10% off of ALL your shopping at Pac Sun (in store and online) by signing up for email sale alerts. 

As always, the same promotion is offered at Kohl's depatment stores.

For a limited time, you can claim free shipping (which starts at about $6) on all crew necks and purchases over $100.

Now, of course, there are plenty of other stores that are offering great discounts, but for now, these savings should give you a start!

I can't wait to see what you shop for!!
{and how much you save!}

Friday, January 21

Look for Less - Grey Boots

Alright beauties, take a good long look at these bad boys! Super cute, right? As if Kohl's didn't already have me completely hooked with their adorable shoe collection, I have found yet another reason to give a standing ovation, and rack up a few more charges on my growing Kohl's card bill (I'm going to blame holiday shopping for this month's month, well, I'm not so sure about the excuse I'll use next month quite yet. But I'll be sure to think of something good. ;) ).
These babies are Elle brand at Kohl's, and have a SALE sticker of $69.99. For boots as gorgeous as these, I could see a possibility for a splurge. But the hard truth is that for a full-time student and part-time shopaholic, seventy bucks is a large some of dough, any way you look at it. So, after trying on the shoes, walking around the store, putting them in the cart, moping about the price-tag, trying them on again, moping about the price some more, and putting them back on the shelf, I finally walked away without the boots.
I was sad. There was no getting around it.
Now, fast forward. It's now about 4 days later, and while semi-strictly window shopping at the mall, and I just so happen to stumble into Claire's (around here, Clarie's was purchased out by Icing's...or it might just be the other way around. Either way, I'm not sure what the more appropriate store name, at the moment) and find these beautiful babies! (You *might* recognize them from the outfit I posted yesterday.) The best part? You guessed it! They were priced for less-much less!! I couldn't help myself, so I scarfed them up for a mere $12.

What's the best deal YOU have gotten, lately?

Wednesday, January 19

Back It Up, Back It Up, You Got It...

For me it happens all the time: You hear the alarm (in my case, it's my puppy Pepper), hit the snooze (put her on the ground), and lay there for what seems like five minutes, before you realize it's been almost an hour and you've got to get out that door NOW!! Don't worry, you can be honest, because it happens to the best of us. But on these days, the biggest question isn't what we're going to have for breakfast or what the weather is like outside. On days like these, it's "what should I wear?" and more importantly "where is it?".
I was recently reading a blogarticle about the importance of always having a back up plan. And I couldn't agree more! It's important to always have a just in case outfit, in mind for those rushed occasions that you need clothes quick and don't want to look like a bum off the street.
Depending on the season, style, and styler, the back-up-plan will be different. Since it's wintertime, and super cold lately where I live, my outfit go-to is a boyfriend cardigan, leggings, and boots. It's warm enough for the chilly mornings, and it's super versatile. Depending on the event, I know I can add a scarf and black slouchy boots to make it casual and comfortable, or grey dressy boots and a necklace to add some shimmer and shine for an evening out. I usually toss on a black turtle neck under it all, but, again, depending on where I'm going, sometimes a white cami or tee is more appropriate.
Plan B

The key to cooking up a great combination is to remember three things:
1. Comfort
2. Ease
3. Versatility

When you pick out an outfit to be your "go-to" choice, it should be something comfortable enough that you can wear all day without the tugging and pulling (Reason #1 that I chose leggings for my bottoms).
It should also be something that's not too complicated, so there's not too much rushing in the am. Focus on about three or four key pieces (1. Sweater 2. Pants 3. Shoes ). The simpler, the better! Less thinking will ultimately mean less anxiety in the morning.
And lastly, it's important to make sure that what you're picking is versatile, meaning that you could wear it just about anywhere and do almost anything in it (you could wear it to work, school/class, lunch date, evening out, etc.). If not, it should be close to versatile, where you would only have to change a few pieces (different shoes or different necklace/scarf combo) to make it work for you in any scenario.

What is your outfit back-up?

Friday, January 7

New Year, New Possibilities ;)

So I finally have thought up a new years resolution! I'm not normally a "resolution" kinda girl (mostly because I have the hardest time remembering and sticking to 'em) but this year is going to be different.  This year, I'm going to try my hardest to shop less and blog more. I love blogging now. It's still all so new to me, but I'm really enjoying having that creative outlet and I love the community of bloggers that are just as enthusiastic as I am.
I realized this year though, after starting my Closet Challenge, that I shop too much. There..I said it. :( I am a shopaholic!! But, I love it. It's so much fun! So.....while window shopping shall always be an outlet for inspiration, I'm going to try super hard to slim down on my shopaholicness. Of course I'm not quitting..just slimming down. So I still plan on shopping about, I'm hoping to do it much more frugally and splurge much less! Whether or not I'll be successful...well, I guess we have all year to find out!

This year, I want to go real life Good Will hunting more often! The other day, I went in search grey slacks, and came home with a slew of dress clothes for all under $20 bucks. Did I mention that I forgot slacks? Yeah. My favorite item was the black skirt. You can see more about it here. But the bottom line is that I payed only three bucks for it! Awesome, right? :) I kinda thought so.

What is your new years resolution?
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