Friday, August 6

Canny (adj.)

I will admit it: I'm addicted. I love to shop. I love to scour the racks and mix and match the new trends with vintage finds to create something new that is all my own. The creativity that shopping demands paired with the expression of individuality that it generates, is rewarding, making shopping worth all the sweat of running between the sales. But what I love even more than pairing the perfect combination of peices, is being able to pair those peices while spending next to nothing. Bargin hunting is my true addiction. NOTHING is quite as rewarding as being able to pull together a killer outfit for under $20. But, unfortunately, $20 outfits tend to add up, and credit cards can only cover so much before the guilt of spending sets in. So with this blog, comes my personal challenge: Enjoy shopping and outfit creating without breaking the bank! From now on, I will be the ultimate of Frugal Fashionistas, and the most savy of savers. I will be Canny Chic.

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