Tuesday, August 10

The 5 Necesities For Everyday Style

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While t-shirts and sweatpants are a comfortable go-to for couch potato evenings, I find that there are 5 Necessary items for my wardrobe that contribute to outfits of any style for the days where you simply must go out.
The first must have item is a pair of Black Ballet Flats. These simple shoes are the perfect addition to any outfit, casual or dressy. I purchased a pair for only $9.00 at Wal*Mart. Paired with skinny jeans, the shoes scream style! Yet, they convey class when worn with dress slacks or a black skirt.
Item number two goes great with everything from sweaters to blazers to low cut tee shirts. It's the white tank top! I bought one at H&M for only $5.99. It's also a great stand alone peice for a casual summer day out.
Number three on my list of must-have's is a pair of comfy jeans. Every closet needs at least one pair of well-loved jeans. Dark wash is more dressy, so I tend to gravitate to them more, because they can double as casual work wear and anywhere-where! My favorite place to get jeans is the Goodwill. Where I live, they charge about $5 a pair, and when you consider how much one pair of jeans is sold for at a department store, that's a whole lot of savings! When being a thrifty shopper, you have to keep an open mind about where your fab-outfits are coming form. Garage sales, consignment shops, and even the Goodwill can be great places to search for shabby chic treasures. You just have to keep your mind open, and your eyes peeled!
Must have number four is a pair of black dress slacks. With a white tee shirt, they're a casual way to dress at work, or a dinner out. But with a colorful blouse, they're instantly formal enough for a job interveiw or event. Dress slacks may not be what you wear the most, but they will most likely be one peice that lasts a long time. These are worth a small splurge. I purchased a pair at Kohl's for $14.99.
Last, but not least, my fifth must have item for everyday style is your favorite accessory. For me, it's a strand of pearls. I have countless strands, but my favorite is the one pictured. It's short enough to be a little more casual, while still looking classy. I actually purchased these in a 3-pack (they're stretchy, but you wouldn't be able to tell when you're wearing them). I wear them with almost everything. And it was an investment that only costed me a few dollars.
With these five items, you create infinite possibilities within your wardrobe.

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