Thursday, September 30

And the winners are...

After much deliberation, the winners are finally in! I am proud to bring you a snapshot of the best fifteen blogs of the moment:

1. CarlyCristman
2. Cathy Kennedy's Blog
3. Diary of a Young Designer
4. Fuchsia Girl
5. Get your feast on!
6. Gigi's Gone Shopping
7. Health and Beauty
8. ice creamy world
9. Life of a Shopaholic
10. Mallie Girl Photography - Family Photographer in Southern Mississippi
11. Welcome to Fashion Court...The Verdict Is In.
12. Little Miss Dress Up
13. So Chic Bizarre
14. Diary of a Third World Fashion Designer
15. Lace and Leather

As winners, it is now your responisbility to share the love!
- Be sure to thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
- Share with your followers seven things about yourself.
- Choose fifteen other worthy bloggers to recieve the Versatile Blogger Award.
And finally,
- Let the winners know they've won!

Have a fashionable day!


  1. Alynne Leigh, thank you for choosing me. This really was totally unexpected. I'm very flattered. I hope I can continue to be versatile and fresh for my audience. God bless!

  2. Thank you so much girlie!! I truly appreciate it. And trust me, the feeling is mutual. I visit your blog almost daily for great fashion tips :) XO//Andrea

  3. Thanks so much for the nominiation ! Everyone needs a little boost now and then !

  4. Omgosh thanks darling for the nomination!!!! <3


  5. awe thank you so much.
    you are such a dear.<3

  6. love so many of the blogs you mentioned and discovered a few new ones!

    ps: thank you so much for your kind words and condolences <3


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