Tuesday, September 28

Seven Things..

my first award :)
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I'm so excited! Andrea Marie V, of the Go Feast Yourself Blog, has just awarded Canny Chic the Versatile Blogger award! I'm so excited!! :)
As part of this award, I'm to list 7 things about myself, and choose 15 new winners of the Versatile Blogger award!
So here it goes...Step#1 - Seven Things..
1. I have been frugally shopping for nineteen years :)
2. My baby is a shih tzu named Pepper. Even she dresses to impress - I recently purchased her a bright purple sweater for the cooler weather!
3. I love taking pictures. There's just something exciting and nostalgic about being able to freeze a moment in time in a single snapshot.
4. I absolutely LOVE fall-time, and not just for the great deals! Some of my favorite pictures are of falling leaves. :)
5. I can't cook my way out of a brown paper bag. When you're looking at El Menu de Alynne, the Chef's Special is cereal.
6. I text as much as I breathe. But NOT while I drive, of course; that's when I hold my breath. ;)
7. Love the Broncos. Go Tim Tebow!! <3

Now to tackle Step #2...

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