Saturday, September 11

Three is a Charm

For this evening's savings adventure, I didn't have to wander very far from home. With only a few clicks of the mouse, and a minimal amount of loading time, I was able to navigate away from my 'home' page, and straight to without leaving the comfort my jamies. :)
This week, I've had my eyes peeled and my wallet ready for all the three dollar deals I can find. I've had to be strict, by turning away from trendy tops and sexy skinnies, but as a result, I'm finding plenty of great additions to my closet (and yours!) and saving my poor piggy bank from a meltdown.
Tonight I found the cutest pair of black-bow hair clips, originally priced at-you guessed it-$3.00!! But to make this deal even sweeter, I found them on clearance. Today they're selling for only $1.99! These classy bows added to the handy bobby pins can be just what us busy girls need to make for a great hair day in practically no time.
Right under the accessories section on the sidebar was a link to the tops on clearance. This was the hardest part of my browsing; It was so hard to say 'no' to the deals that didn't fall in budget! But through a bit of self-discipline and tough love, I made it, and am able to bring you the three dollar ribbed tee as a stronger and more savvy shopper. The shirt comes in three shades (grey, navy, and white) and only costs three dollars and change. They're great to sport under v-necks, or layered for a stand-alone look.
Maybe later this week I'll be able to find some great accessories to go with them. Only time will tell! ;)

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