Sunday, September 12

The Third Stage

The three dollar challenge of the week is getting deep - but so are the savings! I made a stop at my local Kohl's to hit the clearance in an attempt to find more three dollar deals. Now, I don't want to come across as biased,  but when it comes to clearance racks, nothing quite compares to Kohl's. This is not to say that I don't appreciate other stores' attempts to draw me into their traps, but Kohl's just does it so tactfully.
As soon as I entered their sliding glass doors, racks and racks of 80% off called out my name! Unfortunately, I did run into a few problems during my excursion. Ironically, however, none of them related to the three dollar dilemma. Actually, I found plenty of three dollar finds! The first problem was finding them in my size. The second, narrowing down my options. I did end up finding two very cute striped tunics, with a rope tie belt for under the budget. Both were so cute, and definitely fit the nautical theme that was "in" earlier in the season, but to my disappointment, none of them were my size. So, undefeated, I moved to the next department: Jewelery, where I  stumbled on the cutest chain-style necklace for only three dollars and change. The best part of the deal? It was 90% off! :) Which means I saved about $27! Pictures are available on the mini-haul photo album on facebook!
What's the most you have saved on an item, recently?

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  1. I love a good bargin hunt myself. Sometimes, I'm fortunate to find something that really catches my eye for under five bucks, but that's rare as I have extremely discerning fashionbuds.
    Now...on the subject of Kohl's. I have to side with Alynne. Kohl's has lots of clearance bargain priced items, especially in the juniors department, where I shop most often.
    Yesterday, I was in Kohl's and spent at least 2-hours combing through all the ranks. I was mainly shopping with my daughters in mind, however, I kept a watchful eye for bargains that appealed to dear ole mom. I was pleasently surprise to find their summery, long-flowing spaghetti string dresses slashed down -- way down! They were originally $40 each and I got them for $8 apiece. Whoo-hoo!
    I have for years refused to shop at full retail price when I can find awesome deals on many things at the end of a or on the off season. Be kind to your wallet, and splurge on yourself with frugal tenacity and style! ;)


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