Wednesday, October 27

Forever XXI - Haul

There's no doubt about it: I'm addicted to Forever XXI. Whenever we step near the mall, I am the first one rushing in and typically the last one to be dragged out. Some of their items can run a tad pricey, but there is always a bargain to be had on their clearance racks. What I love most about this store is their wide selection of styles. Always in step with the latest trends, Forever XXI offers a wide variety of pieces that can coordinate with any personal style, from romantic or classy to grunge and eclectic. The gems in their jewelry section are also a great deal-while everything ranges in price, it's rare to spot a piece over $20. Most of the necklaces I find are cute, classic, and super versatile, and never cost me more than $8. Jewelry is final sale, however, so with this in mind, I try to only buy what I know I will wear!
On this trip, I was shopping around for generic items that I could mix-and-match into my already existing wardrobe. My main focus was on pieces that I could wear to work (muted colors, classy, multi-functional) and the basic necessities that any fashionista should have!

The first stop was the clearance racks, of course. I didn't let the adorable mannequins and colorful tee-shirt displays distract me from my ultimate goal, which was saving more than I was going to spend, today. On sale, I found a super-cute, black-fringe, sleeveless dress. For only $14, it was definitely a steal.
I also picked up some basics including a White V-Neck ($3), Tank ($3), and Black Leotard ($4). I usually opt for shopping at Kohl's for my basics, because of the great coupons, but even these prices were no comparison!

Another thing I love about Forever XXI how everything is organized by style. So, after scarfing up on the necessities, I took a spin through the military-inspired clothing, where I found this sweater. I just love the buttons!

My shopping buddy found this romantic lace top ($9.99), last minute while we were standing in line, waiting to purchase our goodies. It's so sheer, so a cami is a must!

I also found a sweater for less than five dollars! While it's current state is more shabby than chic, it has definite potential. For now, I'll leave you guessing with these snapshots:

To Be Continued... ;)


  1. I love Forever 21 too! Love their style and prices. Great post

  2. I've heard such great things about this store from other fashionistas....Shame they're not in the UK. I love the sweater with the military buttons.

  3. Those are some fab finds! Especially the black dress. I find that I can never shop in F21, there are just too many people and the merchandise is everywhere! I just usually shop online.

    And yea, calamari is pretty awesome!


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