Tuesday, October 26

Seeing Double!

Our mail carrier comes to our development right around lunch time, every weekday. I'm usually somewhere other than our mailbox around the time that she's dropping off my family's notes (yet another selfish reason I seldom check our mail; the only letters I seem to receive are from the dentist, informing me of a much anticipated appointment and occasionally a very boring bank statement). But today, I just so happened to be home during the exciting mail-drop time, and I, for some reason beyond my knowledge, got the urge to pick it up. To my surprise, I not only received my traditional bank letter, but I also received some fancy junk mail from a used car lot, and a new Alloy catalog! After plopping down in my favorite spot with my new read, I flipped open to a random page and stopped in surprise as a cream colored sweater, very similar to my own that I had blogged about only the day before, gleamed up at me from the page.
The sweater I had purchased, with tags still attached, from the Goodwill, unfortunately did not have a price sticker on it, so I wasn't able to see how much I would have saved. But this number that I just so happened to stumble upon (ironically paired with a very similar belt to my own) is listed at $32.90. Considering that I spend about $3.00 on these pieces for yesterday's outfit, I'm feeling slightly proud of my find. :)

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