Wednesday, October 20

Student Savings! :)

Every true fashionista knows and follows "The Three C's of Shopping", but to truly save, shoppers have to think outside of the bag!
Full or Part time college students (as well as middle/high schoolers with a student ID) are eligible for discounts at many stores just by presenting a valid school identification at checkout. The savings vary, but usually are around 15% off.

A few stores that offer great student discounts are:
The Goodwill
 J. Crew*
Charlotte Russe
*Select stores also offer discounts for teachers with a valid ID.

Another great option is the Student Savers Card. They cost about $20 a year, but entitle you to savings at hundreds of retailers and health services from 10-50%. Depending on how often  you purchase from these retailers, your twenty bucks could be easily paid back in tenfold!

Not every store offers the discount, but it only takes a quick second to ask and be on your way to student savings!

1 comment:

  1. yes, stores do give student discounts. and it never hurts to ask!


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