Saturday, October 23

Sweater Weather!

With Autumn's chilly winds settling in to stay, it's again time to reach into the back of the closet and show those sweaters the light! I was so excited yesterday, when the temperature took a dip and the weather man finally condoned the acts that I've been dreaming up for weeks: Buying new boots and snuggling up in warm sweaters. Thursdays are usually busy days, with a list of to-do's that only grows as the time left in the day diminishes, which is all the more reason to make sure the outfit of the day is comfortable (and cute!).
Believe it or not, this week's entire ensemble cost me under $30.
I've been waiting for weeks to be able to wear these boots! I picked them out about a month ago on a Wal*Mart shopping trip for only seven dollars, which made wearing them yesterday even better. ;)
The sweater was from this season, and originally sold at Kohl's, but I scarfed up this brand new baby (with sales tags still attached!) from the Goodwill. Unfortunately, the price was torn off the tag, so I'm not sure how much I saved, but I do know that it was a lot, considering that I only paid $1.00. I scored the jeans here, as well, on a different shopping adventure, for about $5.00.
The belt and bag both came from Kohl's. The bag, Simply Vera by Vera Wang, was about $14.00, with it's adorable yellow clearance sticker. The belt, also with the magic sticker, was a mere $2. :)
Fall-time can never come quick enough for me. I wait for it's signs all year, and then in a flash, it's back to shorts and bikini tops. :(. In my opinion, it's hard to improve on an already amazing chilly fall day. But an inexpensive outfit seems to do the trick every time!!


  1. Awesome outfit deal, girl! Don't ya just love pulling out those cozy feeling sweaters? I love autumn's chill, but am not looking forward to winter's blast.

  2. Great boots I'm in love with riding boots and to score a pair under $10 is uber fab!


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