Thursday, November 11

MakeUp Review!

Everyone loves a splurge here and there, but make up is something I can hardly justify spending a lot of my hard earned moolah on. I would just rather spend my money on bigger-ticket items (like new shoes, per say) that I know will last eons in my wardrobe, than makeup, which I will inevitably have to refresh in a few weeks time. Besides, I think that with the right tools and products, even costly makeup applications can be mimicked with Cover girl. :)
A few days ago, I took a trip to Walgreen's to see just how far my dollar would stretch to refresh my makeup supply for the season. I ended up spending about $20, and was able to score a variety of eyeliner and a couple of new eye shadow colors.

A. Wet n' Wild Mega Liner - This liquid liner was, overall, worth the purchase, but isn't great to use if you're in a hurry. It goes on smoothly, but the brush it comes with makes it difficult to be precise.

B. Mega Eyes Defining Marker - I absolutely love this marker. It applies with the look of a liquid liner but with extra precision. It's so easy to control every stroke, and unlike a liquid its super easy to remove if you do make a flub. I would definitely add this to my "must have" list.

C. Cover girl Drama Eyes Eye shadow - I have such fair skin, so when picking out eye shadow colors I opt for those on the more neutral side. I love the white, here, that offers a slight shimmer-definitely not overpowering. I'm finding myself using the black more and more, as well! I read once that applying a streak of eye shadow in the same color as your liner will help the style last longer. I decided to give this a try and so far, so good! This shadow is a keeper.

D. Wet n' Wild Mega Eyes Cream - This eye cream usually costs around $5 or so, but after trying it out on multiple occasions, I decided that regardless of the price tag, I wouldn't purchase it again. It was hard to apply, and it was constantly smudging. The only list I'm putting this baby on is the "chuck" list.

E. Wet n' Wild Eyeliner Pencils - This eyeliner, by far, gives you the best bang for your buck. However, I'm not sure exactly how accurate this statement is, considering each pencil cost less than a dollar.. :) I go through these liners like it's my job. I love all the colors they come in too. My favorites include their navy and grey colors.

F. Wet n' Wild Brulee Shadow - This shadow is definitely my favorite. Being so fair-skinned, I think this is just enough to give a finished look without being too bold or distracting.

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