Friday, January 28

Kick off this weekend right!!!

Many of you know that I am currently battling my shopping addiction. Now, I in no way, shape, or dress-form claim success, because it is definitely a work in progress. But lately, I've been doing alright by paying down the credits and staying away from the mall.
But, even though I'm sticking to shallows, there isn't any reason that you guys can't go out with a splash! Right now is a fantastic time to scarf up scarves and save on sweaters! Stores, right now, are hastily slashing prices on winter garb, to make room for the bathing suits. (Am I the only one who finds this weird? I mean, it's not even February yet, people!!) But anyways, on top of the already reduced prices, lots of stores are issuing a little something extra as incentive to spend some post-holiday dough.
So I thought, hey! why not put together a little shopping list for you guys? Not necessarily of items to buy, but more like coupons and discount codes to make shopping just a little bit sweeter (if that's even possible!).


Online shoppers at American Eagle can score discounts by checking out before February 1.

Since you're online shopping, why not stop by Victoria's Secert to score some sweet savings?

You can score 10% off of ALL your shopping at Pac Sun (in store and online) by signing up for email sale alerts. 

As always, the same promotion is offered at Kohl's depatment stores.

For a limited time, you can claim free shipping (which starts at about $6) on all crew necks and purchases over $100.

Now, of course, there are plenty of other stores that are offering great discounts, but for now, these savings should give you a start!

I can't wait to see what you shop for!!
{and how much you save!}


  1. Good for you for staying away from the malls! It's tough.. I battle shopping addiction too (consignment shopping really helps!). JCrew.. my favorite splurge :)

  2. true but sad. Oh well, still keeping fingers crossed ;)

    Anyway, I'm floowing your blog darling! Follow mine if you like it - more rants about boys around Valentine's Day soon ;)


  3. i am also a shopping addict. it's a real problem. my latest coping mechanism is online "window" shopping. i go to websites... fill up my cart... and then leave without spending any money :)

    it sucks, but i do feel like i am at least semi taking care of my habit

    hope you are having a great weekend!


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