Friday, January 21

Look for Less - Grey Boots

Alright beauties, take a good long look at these bad boys! Super cute, right? As if Kohl's didn't already have me completely hooked with their adorable shoe collection, I have found yet another reason to give a standing ovation, and rack up a few more charges on my growing Kohl's card bill (I'm going to blame holiday shopping for this month's month, well, I'm not so sure about the excuse I'll use next month quite yet. But I'll be sure to think of something good. ;) ).
These babies are Elle brand at Kohl's, and have a SALE sticker of $69.99. For boots as gorgeous as these, I could see a possibility for a splurge. But the hard truth is that for a full-time student and part-time shopaholic, seventy bucks is a large some of dough, any way you look at it. So, after trying on the shoes, walking around the store, putting them in the cart, moping about the price-tag, trying them on again, moping about the price some more, and putting them back on the shelf, I finally walked away without the boots.
I was sad. There was no getting around it.
Now, fast forward. It's now about 4 days later, and while semi-strictly window shopping at the mall, and I just so happen to stumble into Claire's (around here, Clarie's was purchased out by Icing's...or it might just be the other way around. Either way, I'm not sure what the more appropriate store name, at the moment) and find these beautiful babies! (You *might* recognize them from the outfit I posted yesterday.) The best part? You guessed it! They were priced for less-much less!! I couldn't help myself, so I scarfed them up for a mere $12.

What's the best deal YOU have gotten, lately?


  1. What a great find.. I love that color! And the ruffly detail, so cute. This season I really wanted a mustard yellow scarf and almost got one from Target for $13 multiple times.. then I found one from Plato's Closet - $3.. score!

  2. Those boots are beauty! Great find!

    PS I'm jealous that you still have snow on the ground. It has snowed where I live twice, but then the rain comes and turns it to slush within 24 hours. Enjoy it!

  3. SO Cute! And what a great price :)

  4. It always makes me smile that other people act just like I do when I sadly realize I can't spend THAT much on the things I want. I hardly ever shop at J. Crew nor am I trusting enough to shop online, but the other day my package arrived. I spent $120 on $720 retail and could not be happier. Sounds so superficial but it's true! Glad I didn't shop there for a year and did it all at once. Congrats to us :)

  5. Hey! Thanks for the comment! I love those boots; I love it even more because of the price!

    Best deal I've ever gotten: my favrorite green cardigan for $4 at Target. Keeps me warm and the color is so beautiful :)

  6. Aaammazing deal girlie! That is ridiculously awesome!

  7. Those boots are adorable! And the price makes them perfect. I want them.

  8. OMG! I saw these shoes on BLack friday, fell in love with them...but put them back also due to the price. I still think about them till this day. lol. So glad u found a cheaper alternative! :)


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