Friday, January 7

New Year, New Possibilities ;)

So I finally have thought up a new years resolution! I'm not normally a "resolution" kinda girl (mostly because I have the hardest time remembering and sticking to 'em) but this year is going to be different.  This year, I'm going to try my hardest to shop less and blog more. I love blogging now. It's still all so new to me, but I'm really enjoying having that creative outlet and I love the community of bloggers that are just as enthusiastic as I am.
I realized this year though, after starting my Closet Challenge, that I shop too much. There..I said it. :( I am a shopaholic!! But, I love it. It's so much fun! So.....while window shopping shall always be an outlet for inspiration, I'm going to try super hard to slim down on my shopaholicness. Of course I'm not quitting..just slimming down. So I still plan on shopping about, I'm hoping to do it much more frugally and splurge much less! Whether or not I'll be successful...well, I guess we have all year to find out!

This year, I want to go real life Good Will hunting more often! The other day, I went in search grey slacks, and came home with a slew of dress clothes for all under $20 bucks. Did I mention that I forgot slacks? Yeah. My favorite item was the black skirt. You can see more about it here. But the bottom line is that I payed only three bucks for it! Awesome, right? :) I kinda thought so.

What is your new years resolution?


  1. i have a shopping problem too, it's a hard habit to quit, but a great resolution :)

  2. Great post, I will admit of my shopping problem to. So much temptation everywhere. However, I will do what it takes to control it.



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