Tuesday, December 21

I couldn't help myself....

Hat (H&M $14), Sweater (Kohl's $8), Tank (Walmart $3), White Jeans (Delia's $35), Boots (Kohl's $40)
Despite my best efforts, it found me.
It snuck up on me.
As I unsuspectingly searched for the best holiday gifts, it hid in my favorite stores, and waited.
I was completely helpless.
The SALES found me! And I couldn't help but surrender!

I know, I know, I know. Tis the season to shop for everybody except for yourself. But when H&M is having a 50% off of outerwear special, can you really blame me for thinking ahead?? I know. I fail. And I'm sorry. :( But, hey, I got a really cute coat out of the deal!

H&M, $79.99 $39.99

Actually, I got a really cute coat, and a really cute bracelet.

H&M, $5.99

Okay, so I got a really cute coat, a really cute bracelet, and some adorable boots.

Aeropostale, $60.00, $18

But they were ALL on sale...!!
Don't judge me!!

PS: I *might* have splurged on the hat I was wearing too..but I thought it was so cute! And it seems to be the "in" thing right now.


  1. That coat is SO cute! Sales, they're a killer ;)

  2. Don't worry a bit~the same thing happened to me! Your coat is supa dupa fly! We'll have to swap sometime.

  3. That coat is so cute! Is it warm? Never be sorry for sales. I embrace them! Money doesn't grow on trees and us regular folk gotta stick together haha. Great finds! :)

  4. I'm pretty sure the purchases were worth it ;). The coat from H&M? Definitely worth $40!

  5. you are soo cute lol just be happy

  6. Hey they were all on sale.. and it's the holiday season.. sort of.. and the hat? Love!


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