Tuesday, August 17

Charlotte Russe

Free Bag!
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After a trip to the mall, I have decided that Charlotte Russe might just be my new favorite store! While many of their fashions were a little pricey for my petite budget for the day, their clearance selection was the perfect place to start my back-to-school style search. And at a Buy one, Get one 50% deal, on top of clearance prices, who could walk away empty handed? Certainly not me!! What originally had drawn me into this chic outlet, was a pair of jeans that I had scrounged up a local thrift store only weeks beforehand. My Refuge brand jeans (which cost me only $5.00 at my local thrift store) are those favorites that I pull down and wear everytime they come out of the wash. I found out through a trusty Google search that Refuge brand was sold at the Charlotte Russe outlet. So, of course, I searched the listings of local stores and treked the nearly 90 minute drive to the enchanting store. To my surprise, when I arrived, I couldn't find any, and was disapointed when I came home and learned via facebook that Charlotte isn't selling Refuge jeans anymore!! But, I'm hoping that this isn't true. I am determined to continue searching Google until I find these amazing jeans! "I'm feeling lucky!!" Anyway, my spirits got a pick-me-up when I saw the racks and racks of bargains marked "CLEARANCE". After some difficult decisions and some tough love from my shopping buddy (she keeps me on track!), I walked away with a head start on my fall shopping and I only spent $41. And the bargains didn't stop there; Because I spent over twenty five dollars, I was entitled to either a free Charlotte Russe tee or a handy shopping tote. While the shimmery tee caught my eye, I was informed they had only limited sizes, which unfortunlately did not include any that would flatter my frame. So, I selected the cute bag instead-not a bad deal!! My favorite peice I purchased was a dark blue ruffled flower tee for only $4.99! Unfortunately though, excitement got the better of me, and I put it on to wear to dinner that night, so I wasn't able to get a picture of it before it hit the hamper. But I'll be sure to show you how cute it is as soon as I can!! :) As for the other amazing finds, check out the photo album! All in all, Charlotte Russe was a wonderful place to begin my bargain hunting. Happy Hunting!

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