Monday, September 20

The Look for Less

After an incredible amount of clicking, vetoing, and coupon code typing, the results are in! While the original inspiration, found in Coldwater Creek's latest catalog, was more on the classy side of chic, I decided to opt for a more modern alternative  for today's Look for Less. The vest I found was from JCPennys.Com. Mind you, it was a bit of a $plurge for my part-time piggy bank, but it's so incredibly cute, I couldn't pass it up! The faux leather vest (which is uber 'green', I might add) by Liz Claiborn is available through JC Penny's new fall collection. It comes in Dark Brown, and is available in ranging sizes, including Misses, Women's, and Petites. Again said, it was a splurge, costing me about $72.00 (with free shipping, because I'm spending over $49). Let's just say that I plan on wearing this baby around the clock!!

I was a little more relieved when I logged onto Alloy.Com to search for a cute striped top to wear under the vest. In the clearance section, I found an adorable Mod "paint streaked" top, priced at $9.99. Since I was still in the green, at this point, I decided that the only thing that could top off such a cute combo would be shoes to match! And *surprise!*, Alloy had adorable black suede boots on sale. Some colors were selling for $14 - but, of course, the ones that will match my Look were ringing up $34.00. But, they were still a deal, considering the many times I will end up wearing them this season, and the seasons to come. To make the deal even better, I used a 15% off coupon I thieved from my mama's Entertainment Book, and was entitled to free shipping! Lucky me!!
The only piece I did not purchase today was a pair of dark wash denim. The reason behind my omission is the 30+ pair of jeans I already own, courtesy of the Goodwill's wonderful $5- Denim sale, and the fact that I haven't grown very much over the past 9 years (it's a blessing and a curse...). But after all, dressing fabulously isn't always just about shopping and new finds - it's about working with what you already own to enhance your own style!
After tallying up today's expenditures, which were $115.00, I realized I had saved about $45 just by shopping sale items, not to mention the $244.85 we avoided spending by shopping around, and finding our Look for Less!!


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  2. I had never heard of until I read your blog and I LOVE the website, so thanks!!

  3. Those boots! :) Oh my Oh my Oh my. With a short skirt and cool tee. Yum uuuuuuu

  4. @ Cathy - I've never heard of that site, but the idea of saving by spending sits well with me! I'll have to check it out! :)
    @ Andrea - I'm so glad you found a store you like! If you go to their website, you can request a free catalog, too. I just requested mine :)
    @Annah - I love them, and can't wait until they come in!! :)


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