Friday, September 24

PS - Look for Even LESS!

After a few days of being confined to my bedroom and limited to cyber-shopping (which I will admit I was previously too prejudiced to do), I am finally flu-free! :) To celebrate wellness and all things healthy, I took a trip to Wal*Mart, where I couldn't believe my eyes. There, hanging on the neat plastic hanger, only slightly above my reach was the very same vest I had spent $75.00 on, only days ago. Except, this variation cost less-much less, at a comparable $14.00. Sure, I may rest in the comfort of knowing that the quality of my purchase was most likely slightly above par in comparison to my new find (by Miley&Max), but regardless, I'm still kicking myself. I suppose that it serves me right, for my impatience. But you be the judge: Is your hard earned dough worth the sacrifice for quality splurges? Or is the look you achieve on a bargain well worth the penny saved?

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  1. Congratulations!!
    You have just been awarded the Versatile Award, go to to claim it! :)


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