Monday, September 20

Savvy Sick Days

It is officially "that-time-of-year" again! You got it: Hoodies, Scarves, Boots, Bonfires, and...the Flu :( Unfortunately, the famous flu is in season, and it has reduced me to merely cyber-shopping, this weekend. But, despite contrary belief, even sick days can be savvy. Don't believe me? The proof is in your pocketbook!
While it's so tempting to gravitate to the sweatpants and tee-shirts that embody my sick-day lifestyle of the weekend, my goal is to shop smart for fall. Yesterday, my mom received a Coldwater Creek catalog in the mail. Being the blob of goo that I am today, I peeked inside in hopes to cure my flu-found boredom. To my surprise, I found that I have purchased so many similar pieces, for a fraction of the cost! Needless to say, I'm definitely adding this store my list of inspirations!
One outfit in particular caught my eye, during my page flipping. It was a sleek leather vest, worn over a striped cardigan, paired with a dark-wash denim. I was in love! After all, what better way to say Fall, than vests and sweaters? But at a stunning $359.85 for all three pieces, there is really only one solution, to look this fab for fall. Fashionistas, it's a Look for Less Challenge!

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  1. I especially like the use of the word savvy.


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